DPsych (Clinical) - Candidate, BSc (Hons in Psych), BCom

Tim is a registered Psychologist with experience in settings such as non-government organisations, public/private hospitals and community clinics. He is currently finalising his research thesis for his Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) at the Queensland University of Technology in the area of Positive Psychology and spirituality. He will begin his Clinical Psychology Registrar training in the second half of this year (2017). Tim previously completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours in Psychology) and Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Queensland.
Tim’s focus is on passing on his knowledge of psychology to clients so that they have a better understanding of their problems and can independently draw upon strategies discussed to address these problems. Tim primarily works from a Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) framework, but integrates strategies from a variety of other approaches (e.g., Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Family Therapy, Solution-focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy) to best meet each client’s preferences and goals.
Tim is able to assist clients with a broad range of problems and is seeking opportunities to continue to gain experience with a variety of presentations. He has specific expertise in assisting clients to manage depression, anxiety, stress and other related problems.
Tim has experience in adapting his interventions for a range of areas. Tim has practised within a number of different health settings, with a wide variety of medical conditions and has extensive experience in assisting clients to change health-related behaviours. Tim also has many years experience working in business environments and has an interest in supporting clients with workplace or career issues. He also has a special interest in performance and sport.
Tim is able to use a spiritual-based approach for clients who indicate a preference for this. He has an expertise in working with Christians and drawing comparisons between Biblical and psychological principles; however, Tim develops his interventions based on the client’s own spiritual beliefs and is therefore able to use a spiritual-based approach for clients of all faiths.
Tim Jauncey has appointments available at Nundah. Please use the online appointment booking form or call 3256 6320.  Online appointment bookings coming soon.

Tim Jauncey

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