Jenna Scambler


Jenna Scambler

BSc (Psych HONS) Doctor of Psychology and Clinical Candidate


Qualifications and Experience
I have completed my honours degree in Psychological Science and am in my final year of my Doctorate in Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology) at the University of Queensland. My experience includes providing therapy and assessments in mental health settings such as; rehabilitation, public mental health, forensic mental health and complex mental health. I have worked in both individual and group therapy as well as formal assessments of cognition.  
I have previously worked as an online life coach assisting people who are unable to work due to mental health conditions, working with older individuals with memory difficulties, provided ABA therapy to children with autism, and as a support worker for people with acquired brain injuries. All of which helped me develop my interest in the field of psychology.
I have completed research in the field of temporal lobectomies that occur due to refractory epilepsy and the effect that this has on an individual’s early attention to emotion and empathy provoking stimulus.

My Clinical Practice
I believe I am a friendly and warm psychologist who believes that therapy should be focused around your specific goals and desired outcomes. My approach is client focused and I believe that therapy should be a combined process where we work together to help overcome the cognitive, behavioural, and emotional impacts of what you are experiencing. I like to take a holistic approach to mental health incorporating a range of techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Main Areas of Interest
I have a range of areas which I am interested and have gained experience in. Clinically, I have experience working with a range of conditions but have a particular interest in working with anxiety in both an individual and group therapy basis. I also have an interest in working with individuals who are adjusting emotionally and functionally, following an injury or diagnosis of chronic disease.
An area I am passionate about is in the area of neuropsychology. I have a particular interest in rehabilitation in the context of acquired brain injuries and on the effect that mental conditions have on cognition. I have experience in rehabilitation wards and inpatient mental health facilities, with the focus on assessing an individual’s cognition and in working to develop strategies to help maximise independence and quality of life.
Clinically, I have experience working with a range of conditions, but have a particular interest in Anxiety and Adjustment. Anxiety can be an extremely debilitating condition which can impact you in every aspect of your life. I have experience working with individuals suffering from anxiety in group and individual settings and I like working with you to tailor an approach that helps you cope with and overcome your anxiety.
Adjustment following a significant life event and/or change in cognition and physical abilities can have a big impact on your life and can lead to low mood, increased anxiety, and an overall lower quality of life. Through my experience in hospitals and health industry I have developed an understanding in working with individuals who are adjusting to a new health condition or disability. Finding ways to manage and adjust to these changes can be difficult and can have a big impact on your mood. My aim is to help you adjust to these changes and maximize your quality of life while doing so.
I also have expertise in the diagnosis and assessment of neurological conditions and have a passion in helping people understand how their brain operates. My approach is to help people understand their individual strengths and weaknesses and how this impacts them on a day-to-day basis. I mainly specialize in adults but also have experience in assessing children and adolescence.
Before I worked as a psychologist I worked as a support worker for individuals with an acquired brain injury, which is where my passion for rehabilitation began. I enjoy working with people to help find strategies which can help them adjust and compensate for any difficulties they may be having regarding their cognition.
Approach to Therapy:

Main Areas of Interest:

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Full List of Services Provided
  • ADHD
  • Adult
  • Anxiety
  • Asperger's syndrome
  • Chronic Illness
  • Diabetes

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