Take the JUMP! Improve your Ability to Manage Chronic Pain and Injury

The group program is suitable for adults and utilises strategies from both a CBT perspective and a mindfulness approach to better equip the individual with the tools that may work best for them. Sessions will include identification of the injury and chronic pain recovery process from acute, sub-acute to chronic stages. Identification of thoughts, feelings and physiological responses to injury and pain and how to manage it. Other sessions will include breathing, relaxation and mindfulness, activity pacing and how to adjust to injury. This program aims improve the individual’s ability to cope and manage their injury and pain cycle, and in turn improve their emotional well-being and quality of life.

About us

Our mission “striving to improve the quality of life” means that no matter how big the barriers are or the issues that people face, that making even a small difference by improving the quality of one’s life is continually strived for by our Psychologists.

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