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Marie Sansotta-Allen - Diabetes Educator                                                                                         AVAILABILITY: FRIDAY
Marie specialises in the provision of Diabetes self-management education. Areas of practice include: Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, Children & Adolescents, Gestational, Pre & Pregnancy Diabetes. She integrates clinical care, self-management education, skills training and disease specific information to motivate patients with Diabetes to make informed lifestyle and treatment choices, incorporate physical activity into their daily life, use medications effectively & safely, monitor and interpret blood glucose patterns and to seek appropriate learning resources and support systems.
FEES: Initial $95 p/45min; Subsequent $77 p/30min                                                                        Private Health & Medicare rebates available
Wendy Stevens – Dietitian                                                                  AVAILABILITY: FRIDAY & 1 SATURDAY per month
Wendy believes that the key to vitality is learning how to reconnect with your inner wisdom and nourish your body.  Wendy shares realistic strategies and compassionate support to empower you to change habits in the long term so you can focus your energy on living the life you want. Nutrition advice is tailored to your specific needs and preferences taking into account other health issues and time constraints. Wendy specialises in food allergy and intolerances, digestion problems, nutrient deficiencies, healthy weight management and cancer rehabilitation.  She is passionate about the non-diet approach to address emotional eating and has completed extensive additional training in nutrition counselling and mindful eating.  She also works with mothers concerned about fussy eating, growth issues and pre and post-natal nutrition.  
FEES: Initial $95 p/45min; Subsequent $77 p/30min                                                                        Private Health & Medicare rebates available
Brooke Miller - Paediatric Speech Pathologist                                                                              AVAILABILITY: MONDAY
Brooke Miller specialises in treating speech, language, literacy, social skills and voice difficulties. Brooke works with children aged
2-18yrs old. She uses a family-focused, strengths based approach and believes in therapy that is fun and motivating for kids! If there is uncertainty around whether a child’s difficulties are age appropriate or delayed, Brooke is happy to offer free parent phone consultations. She will talk through concerns, ask questions about the child’s development and provide advice about whether or not speech pathology intervention is required. Advice regarding strategies and activities that may be implemented at home can also be provided.
FEES: $100 p/45min; $75 p/30min                                                                                                       Private Health & Medicare rebates available                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Amanda Greaves – Mental Health Trained OT                                                                           AVAILABILITY: THURSDAY
Amanda works with adults and older people who experience the effects of serious mental illness on their work, leisure, self- care, and relationships. She has a strong recovery focus and works to empower individuals to manage their stress and emotional states, strengthen their sense of self, and make better lifestyle choices, including finding or changing employment. Amanda also has extensive experience working with older people who may have physical or cognitive problems impacting on their ability to stay in their home. She provides an in-home consultation, including information and advice on aids and equipment, home modifications, and strategies for independence.                                                                                                                                                                 
FEES: Initial $95 p/45min; Subsequent $77 p/30min                                                                        Private Health & Medicare rebates available
Susan Carr – Physiotherapist                                                                               AVAILABILITY: MONDAY & WEDNESDAY
Susan has worked in Paediatrics, Aged Care, Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy settings. With over 10yrs experience, she has treated a multitude of various conditions including neck, back, upper and lower limb problems. Susan is well versed in issues related to proper technique, and injury prevention with respect to strength and conditioning. She places a strong emphasis on manual therapy and exercise prescriptions, along with postural retraining, whilst providing individualised treatment programs. Susan practises dry needling, western acupuncture, mulligans Manual Therapy and Pilates and uses these skills as an adjunct to her treatments. 
FEES: Initial $85 p/30min; Subsequent $77 p/30min                                                                        Private Health & Medicare rebates available
Jess Hill - Paediatric OT                                                                                                                      AVAILABILITY: TUESDAY
Jess has a passion for paediatrics with a special interest in assisting those children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. Jess is CO-OP trained (Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance) which is an evidence based therapy approach for people who have difficulties performing motor based goals. In addition, Jess is a certified therapy dog handler and where appropriate works alongside her Cavoodle Raphael. When conducting sessions with Raphael, Jess will continue to work towards a child’s occupational goals, in areas such as sensory regulation, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, social skills and communication.
FEES: $85 p/30min; $125 p/45min; $165 p/hr                                                                                   Private Health & Medicare rebates available
Kim Balson – Naturopath                                                                                                                      AVAILABILITY: FRIDAY
Kim has had extensive involvement within the health industry for over 25 years as a Naturopath and professional educator. Her focus areas include hormonal management for men/women/children, weight management/digestive complaints/allergies and food intolerances/skin conditions and overall wellness with a strong focus on the impact of lifestyle/genetics/gut health/sleep/breathing and mind/emotional on health outcomes. All of Kim’s treatments are tailor-made to suit and only appropriate testing is done to give further understanding of the problem.
FEES: Initial $120 p/hr; Subsequent $95 p/30min                                                                                                    Private health rebates available
Craig Brinin –  Audiologist                                                                                                               AVAILABILITY: THURSDAY
Craig is a qualified, highly trained Audiologist with a depth of experience and knowledge ensuring his clients get the very best hearing care. Craig’s areas of practice include Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Vertigo, Industrial Deafness, Communication Difficulties, Hearing Protection & Hearing Aid Trials.                                                                                                                                                       Free Hearing Tests for Ages 26+

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