Counselling for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples

What is it

Counseling for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is counseling provided to individuals who identify as Indigenous.  It is an approach to working with clients that works to ensure recognition and incorporation of the unique and varied cultural practices and approaches to life, family and health held by Indigenous clients; as well as recognition and response to the enduring impact that colonization has had on the traditional landowners of this country. The approaches used emphasise accountability, self-determination, respect for Indigenous ways, and building relationships. 

What it includes

Counseling with Australian Indigenous clients includes collaboration regarding preferred ways of working. It often, but not always, includes ways of working that emphasise family relationships (family systems approaches), story telling (narrative approaches) and alternative modes of expression (art therapy).

What we do

Whilst we genuinely believe that services to Indigenous clients are often best provided by counsellors who themselves identify as Indigenous, we respect that for a variety of reasons – such as client preference or availability of Indigenous counsellors) - this may not occur.
We readily acknowledge the challenging nature of ensuring we meet our commitment to provide culturally responsive social and emotional wellbeing services.  We strive to provide services that:
  • Are responsive and reflect that there is no one ‘Indigenous culture’;
  • Recognises Indigenous people as the traditional landowners of this country;
  • Understand that connection to land continues to shape the ways in which Indigenous people think and feel about their identity;
  • Work from an anti-racist framework;
  • Attempt to comprehend the far reaching and enduring impact colonisation has had on Indigenous culture including language, spirituality and belonging, family relationships, displacement, identity, and relationships with non-Indigenous people to name a few.

Our Practitioners

Donna Fedrick

"Psychologist, Brisbane Minds Approved Provider"

Completed B. of S.Sc. (Psych) at QUT and Grad. Dip. Of Professional Psychology at Bond University. I have had five years experience in corporate and government, then 10 years in Private Practice worki...

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Heather Menzies (Visiting Consultant)

"Psychologist, Brisbane Minds Approved Provider"

A qualified Early Childhood Teacher, and registered Psychologist, Heather has been providing psychological support to a wide range of clients for over 10 years. Heather has a broad range of experience...

To make an appointment, you can book Heather Menzies (Visiting Consultant) online, or call KCPSYCH on 3256 6320 today.


Heather Menzies