People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds (CALD)

What is it

Australia’s mulitcultural population includes a large number of people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.  The term “culturally and linguistically diverse” (CALD) is commonly used to describe people who have a cultural heritage different from that of the majority of people from the dominant Anglo-Australian culture. 

What it includes

People who may identify as being from a culturally and linguistically diverse background include:
  • recently arrived migrants, asylum seekers and refugees,
  • migrants, asylum seekers and refugees who have lived in Australia for some time,
  • as well as people whose parents or earlier ancestors migrated to Australia,
  • Australian South Sea Islanders are another distinct cultural group with a unique history who are also part of Queensland’s diverse population.
Many people from CALD backgrounds have experienced enormous trauma caused by war, dislocation, detention, torture, or grief from loss.
Most people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds must also learn a new language, overcome obstacles and adapt to very different ways of living in the process of starting their lives in Australia. Some of the post settlement challenges faced by clients from CALD backgrounds include:
  • Difficulty speaking a new language (Abbott, 1997; Tribe, 1999);
  • Adjustment to a new culture (Pumariega, Rothe & Pumariega, 2005; Tribe, 1999)
  • Separation from family and community (Albee, 1984)
  • Isolation from people of similar background (Albee, 1984)
  • Difficulty continuing traditional cultural practices
  • Problems with access to education and employment, that impacts on the enjoyment of everyday activities (Abbott, 1997; Watters, 2001)
  • Problems with money (Albee, 1984).

How a psychologist can help

At KCPSYCH, our aim is to assist clients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds to overcome obstacles and enhance their lives in Australia.

We do this by adopting an attitude of sincerity, openness, flexibility and a willingness to learn. We work closely with you to identify strengths, and explore ways to reduce problems with an approach that is culturally sensitive and respectful. In particular, we prefer to use storytelling or Narrative ways of working.

Our Practitioners

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A qualified Early Childhood Teacher, and registered Psychologist, Heather has been providing psychological support to a wide range of clients for over 10 years. Heather has a broad range of experience...

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