Our People

Emma Jephcott Psychologist (Provisional until June 2020)

BSc (Psych) (Hons); M. Clin. Psych
Area of Interest
  • Anxiety..
  • Depression..
  • Trauma..
  • Loss and Grief..
  • Military and service people..
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Lea Ser - Psychologist (special interest in children, adolescents and families)

BPSci (Hons) NDIS Provider, Cognitive & Intellectual Assessment
Area of Interest
  • Children aged 5 and up and Adolescents..
  • ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder..
  • Behaviour Problems and Social Difficulties ..
  • Anxiety and Depression..
  • Cognitive, Intellectual and Developmental Ass..
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Joshua T King, Psychologist ( works with children, adolescents and adults)

B Psych HONS 1, M. Clin. Psych MAPS
Area of Interest
  • Trauma and Abuse..
  • Social Anxiety & Social Difficulties ..
  • Aspergers and Autism (ASD)..
  • Performance Psychology (Sports, Business and ..
  • Migrants & Cultural Issues..
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Chantal Slor, Neuropsychologist

( Special interest in dementia and ageing, Neurofeedback Technician)
Area of Interest
  • Neuropsychology/Neuropsychology assessment..
  • Anxiety and Panic..
  • Dementia..
  • Pain Management..
  • Life/Personal Coaching..
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Brittany Safonoff

Neurofeedback Technician/ Psychology Assistant
Area of Interest
  • Neurofeedback..
  • Supportive counselling..
  • NDIS Case Management and Support..
  • Mindfulness..
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Kristie Clarke Senior Clinical Psychologist

NDIS Provider, Trauma and EMDR Therapist, Neurofeedback Trainer
Area of Interest
  • See Profile For Full List of Services ..
  • Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder..
  • Anxiety Disorders..
  • Relationship Issues..
  • Workcover, Injury and Chronic Pain Management..
  • Medico Legal Assessment..
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Barb Gonda, Counselling Endorsed Psychologist

Psychologist ( special interest in Trauma, Workplace and and Emergency Service Personnel)
Area of Interest
  • Trauma, past and present, needs of first resp..
  • Depression..
  • Post Natal Depression..
  • Grief and Loss..
  • Mid life and meaning of life/ transition/chan..
  • Mindfulness and expressive therapies..
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Dr Alessia Coelho, Counselling Endorsed Psychologist

EMDR Therapist
Area of Interest
  • Bereavement counselling (and other significan..
  • Terminal/chronic illness..
  • Working with migrants..
  • Sexual orientation..
  • Life transition and adjustment issues ..
  • Post natal depression..
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Tim Jauncey Senior Clinical Psychologist

Area of Interest
  • Depression & Anxiety..
  • Relationships..
  • Health related issues..
  • Workplace issues/coaching..
  • Performance/sport..
  • Spirituality..
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Lindy Devenish Psychologist (special interest in Child, Adolescent, Family and Adults,

(NDIS Approved, ADOS and Developmental Assessments)
Area of Interest
  • Child, Adolescent and Family..
  • Autism and ADHD..
  • Health Psychology..
  • Forensic Psychology..
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Jasmin Singh, Counselling Endorsed Psychologist

NDIS Approved Provider, Developmental Assessment (Special Interest in Child & Family)
Area of Interest
  • Anxiety..
  • ASD..
  • Behavioural Issues..
  • Grief and Loss..
  • Trauma..
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Adrian Cooper

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons); Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology, Training, Development & Change Facilitation); Associate Diploma Business (Industrial Relations)
Area of Interest
  • Men’s mental and emotional health..
  • Anxiety ..
  • Depression ..
  • Relationship issues ..
  • Substance abuse..
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Veronica Randjelovic

Area of Interest
  • Relationship Conflict..
  • Life Transitions..
  • Self Esteem..
  • Workplace issues..
  • Depression..
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