What is it

Phobias are a common type of anxiety disorder, which are characterised by the experience of extreme anxiety and fear of particular objects or situations. This can persist for 6 months or longer. This fear and anxiety can create significant distress and disruption to normal routines and relationships, as well as socially, occupationally, or any other important areas of functioning.  Other characteristics of phobias include the anxiety or fear is almost always triggered by the phobic object or situation, is usually out of proportion to the realistic danger posed by the specific object or situation, and the phobic object or situation is actively avoided or endured with extreme fear and anxiety. The most common phobias include animals, fear of heights, fear of flying, elevators, fear of diseases, doctors and dentists, storms, blood, injury and injections.  

What it includes

Phobias commonly develop in childhood however they can also develop at any age and often as a result of experiences that have been directly traumatic (e.g being attacked by an animal, stuck in an elevator or an unpleasant experience at the dentist), seeing others experience a traumatic event, an unexpected panic attack in the feared situation or through other modes such as watching television. Other factors may also increase vulnerability to phobias and anxiety, including a genetic and temperament component, stress and life events, physical health and style of thinking. Other common symptoms of anxiety associated with phobias can include: Difficulty concentrating, restlessness, avoidance behaviour, rapid heartbeat, trembling or shaking, feeling lightheaded or faint, numbness or tingling sensations, upset stomach or nausea and sweating. 

What we do

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is an evidenced-based and efficacious therapy that can assist people to overcome their phobias through a combination of exposure based exercises, relaxation training and challenging irrational thoughts and beliefs associated with the feared object or situation.

Our Practitioners

Barb Gonda

"Associate Psychologist"

I have a broadly based background comprising of experience in counselling, training, therapy group facilitation and management. In previous lives I have also been a registered nurse and a naval office...

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Bernadette Sharry

"Associate Psychologist (Special Interest in Child & Family)"

Bernadette has appointments available at Nundah on Saturdays. To book an appointment please call KCPsych on (07) 3256 6320 or book online now. A profile on Bernadette is coming soon. Please call KCPsy...

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Dr Angela Hain

"Clinical Psychologist/ NDIS Approved Provider"

Angela is a clinical psychologist with a specific interest in complex trauma,  mood, anxiety and eating disorders.  Angela has spent the past 10 years treating severe and complex conditions  as a p...

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Dr Bronwyn Massavelli

"Senior Clinical Psychologist"

Dr Bronwyn Massavelli, Clinical Psychologist B.Psych Sc (Hons 1), M.Clin Psych, PhD (Psychology). MAPS, MCCLIN, MPAIG, MPAWS Dr Bronwyn Massavelli is a registered Clinical Psychologist and provider wi...

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Jenna Campbell

"Clinical Psychologist Registrar"

Jenna has completed seven years of study at the University of Queensland to attain her registration as a psychologist. She completed a Master of Clinical Psychology and is currently in the Clinical Re...

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Kristie Clarke

"Senior Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Therapist, Neurofeedback Trainer"

Kristie has completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) at the University of Newcastle and a Master of Clinical Psychology at the Australian Catholic University. She is a Member of the Australian Ps...

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Dr Bronwyn Massavelli