Veteran's and their Families

What is it

At KC PSYCH we specialize in providing treatment, support and care for Veteran’s and their families.  We are DVA approved providers of treatment and rehabilitation services for Veterans and their families, including services for both gold card and blue card holders.  We offer counselling on an individual basis in a general community setting so that issues unique to Veterans can be addressed confidentially without interfering with daily routines.

What it includes

We are very aware of how distressing and traumatic events can leave an enduring mark on memory that are difficult to erase.  We are also aware of how significant events and memories can impact for years across various areas of life, including relationships with partners and children, family members, friends, and even strangers, our moods, our sleeping patterns, and our coping with life.   We are clinically trained in the provision of treatments for PTSD, depression, anxiety and anger.  We know that many people try to cope by becoming loners, avoiding social interactions, needing extensive time for solitude, or through heavy use of alcohol and/or other drugs.  Most of all, we are aware of veteran and military culture and the stigmatism that still exists despite the important role that Veterans continue to play in protecting our country.

How a psychologist can help

The impact of a Veteran’s experience can also significantly influence relationships with others, including life partners, children, adolescents, and other family members, often creating a distance which can be difficult to address for fear of saying or doing the “wrong” thing.   Many adolescents have not had the stability of a reliable figure to provide nurturance, guidance and support, and may feel at a loss with which direction to take in life.

These are just some of the issues that may be faced by Veterans and their families, although there are many more.  All counselling services are provided by clinically trained professionals with an understanding of the impact of trauma-related combat on mental health, and of mental health problems unique to Veterans and their families.  We welcome you to make an appointment.

Our Practitioners

Dr Bronwyn Massavelli

"Senior Clinical Psychologist"

Dr Bronwyn Massavelli, Clinical Psychologist B.Psych Sc (Hons 1), M.Clin Psych, PhD (Psychology). MAPS, MCCLIN, MPAIG, MPAWS Dr Bronwyn Massavelli is a registered Clinical Psychologist and provider wi...

To make an appointment, you can book Dr Bronwyn Massavelli online, or call KCPSYCH on 3256 6320 today.

Leanne Heffernan

"Psychologist, Brisbane Minds Approved Provider"

Graduated from Macquarie University Masters of Applied Psychology in 1995. Since that time have worked in a number of different areas of psychology however the last 8 years in private practice focussi...

To make an appointment, you can book Leanne Heffernan online, or call KCPSYCH on 3256 6320 today.


Tania Murray