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Alcohol is a depressant substance that slows down activity in the central nervous system. Whilst some people use alcohol safely and responsibly, there can be the risk of alcohol use becoming harmful. Harmful alcohol use occurs when a person continues drinking despite to impairment and/or distress across social, interpersonal, legal, health or vocational areas of the person's life. Alcohol dependence can occur when a person has difficulty cutting down their consumption and may experience symptoms of withdrawal when they do try to reduce their consumption.
How can a person identify that drinking maybe a problem? Are you spending more time and money that usual on your drinking? Is the money you are spending on your drinking supposed to be used for rent, food or other essential bills? Is your drinking causing difficulty in your relationships? Do you feel guilty or remorseful about your drinking? Are you being secretive about your drinking?

What does it include

At KCPsych a client centred and holistic approach is taken to treatment which focuses on harm minimisation and reduction which encompasses the whole person. We believe that acknowledging the individuals unique set of social, cultural and environmental risk and protective factors, can assist in achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

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