What is it?

Neurofeedback is a brain training system used to optimise health and wellbeing through EEG brainwave activity.  Different brainwaves are responsible for certain tasks and activities. The brainwaves are read through sensors on the head, and if you are in the right brainwave you are able to manipulate the games played on the I-pad. The results are monitored by your treating practitioner who can review and change the treatment protocol over time to continue to improve your mental health and well being.

Who is Neurofeedback For?

There are many applications for neurofeedback. Below are just some of the condition Neurofeedback can assist with:

  • Stress Prevention and Burnout
  • Executive Functioning (concentration, attention and focus)
  • Reduce agitation, anger and behavioural difficulties (hyperactive, impulsive)
  • Reduce anxiety and emotional regulation issues
  • Reduction of PTSD symptoms and re – experiencing
  • Reduce poor sleep
Neurofeedback has many applications and for a range of issues and conditions. These may include ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention difficulties, stress management, forgetfulness, agitation and sleep difficulties, executive functioning, focus and concentration. Neurofeedback can also be useful post chemotherapy, for traumatic brain injury and following a stroke.
In children, behavioural difficulties, impulsivity, and tantrums could be attributed to anxiety, stress and other conditions such as ADHD, Autism. Neurofeedback works on a neurological/brain-based level to optimise healthier brainwave functions and in turn improves emotional regulation, attention and focus, reduces anxiety, agitation, anger outbursts and stress, improves concentration and focus and behavioural issues.
  • Reductions in stress and burnout
  • Improved concentration, attention and focus
  • Calming their mind and body
  • Improved impulse control and hyperactivity
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Better mood and emotion regulation
  • Improved ability to learn and academic performance
  • Improved communication and non-verbal communication
  • Improved work performance
Neurofeedback is an brain training drug free treatment, for individuals aged 5 to 85.  It is safe, medication free and can be done in office or in the convenience of your own home.
In our clinic the outcomes of a Neurofeedback package shows significant improvements in mental health and well-being in about 80% of cases. Fromour results in clinic, it takes 6 to 15 sessions to gain lasting results. But for some people it may take 20 or more sessions as each person is different and the number of sessions can vary by individual.
With brain training, like anything it is a muscle and it does require regular sessions to make good gains and maintain those gains and changes. This process is called neuroplasticity. The brain adapts with the new information and gets to a point where the new changes hold.
Anti-depressant medication, psychotherapy and other treatment regimes are effective for around 40% of the population. If it has not been successful for you, you are not alone!  Neurofeedback and our tailored psychological treatment packages together may work for you.

Enquiries and Pricing

Please contact our office on 07 32566320 to make a complimentary booking with a trained Neurofeedback practitioner to discuss your health needs. Your booking can be done via telephone, telehealth or in person.