Cancer Support

What is it

In cancer care, psychological interventions are often described as “psycho-oncology”. I am experienced in working with individuals and families experiencing a diagnosis of cancer across all types and grades of cancer, from those at risk who are considering genetic testing, to current patients, long-term survivors and terminal patients.
Cancer affects people in many different ways. You and your family may experience significant emotional challenges following a diagnosis of cancer and the associated treatment effects and other life adjustments. Many people will experience sadness, grief, lowered mood or anxiety over the course of their cancer diagnosis and treatment. They are also vulnerable because of the stage of life they are at, the quality of their relationships, or other stressful life events.

What does it include

You do not have to be feeling very distressed in order to benefit from a referral to a psychologist, however evidence suggests that good reasons to seek an appointment with a psychologist include:

• When cancer has been diagnosed as advanced or metastatic
• Having extensive cancer treatment that results in significant changes to your body function or image
• Having children under age 18 years of age
• Drug and or alcohol problems
• Current or past mental health concerns.

How can a psychologist help

an opportunity to re-evaluate your priorities, to grow through adversity and to find a new appreciation for life. The period from initial diagnosis throughout the treatment process can trigger an immense amount of fear and uncertainty. As a survivor of cancer, I have a compassionate and pragmatic approach to therapy, and will assist you in overcoming the effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment to help you grow through the experience to become more resilient and to use this as an opportunity to live your authentic life.


Polly Wright, Registered Psychologist

If you require additional information please call our office on 32566320. Our mental health focused administration staff will be able to assist you with your enquiry about our service and assist you with linking you with the most suitable Psychologist.