Anger Management

What is it

Anger is an emotion that can range from mild annoyance to intense rage. It is a feeling that is accompanied by biological changes in your body such as increased heart rate and blood pressure and stress hormones are released. This can cause you to shake, become hot and sweaty and feel out of control.

What does it include

When people have angry feelings, they often behave in angry ways too such as yelling, throwing things, criticising, ignoring, storming out and sometimes withdrawing and doing nothing.
Anger is often associated with feeling hurt, frightened, disappointed, worried, embarrassed or frustrated, but may express these sorts of feelings as anger. Anger can also result from misunderstandings or poor communication between people. Anger can often lead to violence if not properly controlled.

Anger becomes a problem when it affects your personal relationships with others, your health and work, verbal and physical fights and/or damaged property. You can also experience anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, psychosomatic illnesses and problems with alcohol or drugs. It is important to seek help to manage anger before it leads to other serious problems.

How can a psychologist help

A Psychologist can work with people with anger to understanding why it happens, learn new skills to better express anger, and knowing how to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Specifically, anger management is about knowing the triggers and early warning signs of anger, and learning techniques to calm down and manage the situation before it gets out of control. Your psychologist can help you manage other problems that may be associated with anger, such as depression, violence or difficulties in your personal relationships.



Australian Psychological Society


Greg Currie, Clinical Psychologist

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